This project evaluated the static qualities of the existing riverfront path as it connects to Lakeshore Path in Downtown Chicago.  These conditions include a single path occasionally used for running and cycling, landscaped space, and clear connection to the surrounding city life.  Elevation change from the path to the upper city level makes it uninviting to most, creating a haven for homeless. 
My design intent was to create a flexible hub station that would act as the center of attention for this lower level.  This station would encourage temporary use, such as art shows/exhibits, workstations, hostel/sleeping quarters.... Open to almost anything you can think of and that would fit in the space.  These flexible activities would feed off of existing lower level atmosphere that the site already absorbs.  Homeless would not be pushed out, but invited to participate.  Skateboarding and other sub-cultures that typically get dismissed from city life would be encouraged.  All of this would be connected to the main city level by a series of organic pathways.  These pathways would give the user the option of accessing the lower area quickly or at relaxed pace.

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